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The project consists of various classes each having their own purpose.We shall give the description of the fundamental classes and their methods.

5.2.1 Reorder

This class is for processing the user input file, read the itemset and store them in an array. The frequent itemset is obtained by calculating the minimum support using the input support percent and the frequent itemset is in a reordered and pruned form.

The methods used in this class are:

The method checkinputarguments() is used to check the input arguments such as support , confidence and filename.

The method inputdataset() is used the input file ,get the number of rows, read the contents of the file into the array and calculate the minimum support.

The method countsingles() is used to count the occurences of the items and the method ordercountarray() is used to order the attributes according to the count.

The method prune() is used to prune unsupported attributes.

5.2.2 FPTree1

This class is used for constructing the FP Tree. This class also contains the methods for mining the FP Tree.

The methods used in this class are:

The method addtofptree() is used to add the items to construct a FP tree.
The method startmining() is used to start the mining process.
The method outputfptree() is used to output the FP tree.

5.2.3 TotalSuppTree

This class is used construct a total support tree and the contents of the total support tree. The methods used in this class are:
The method addtottree() is used to add the nodes to the T - tree.
The methods outputFrequentSets() is used to output the T-tree frequent sets
The method outputStorage() is used to output the T – Tree storage

5.2.4 FPgApp

This class contains the main method. This class is executed by the user.

This class calls the methods of the above mentioned classes.