6:48 PM

Gandhi jayanthi

Gandhi jayanthi is an important day in India. Let me explain the two terms Gandhi and jayanthi first. Gandhi was a person who lived in India some time back and he took non violence in his hands to fight against British. He succeeded in his job and so he is now called as the father of the nation. Jayanthi is a Hindi word, which means rise, birth etc.,
Yes. Today is our beloved Gandhi's birth day. There are some cyclic actions that happen every year during this day. All the wine shops will get closed for one day (it will get opened the next day early morning and on October 1st, the shop will run till mid night), since Gandhi strongly opposed alcohol.

Politicians who take violence as their life style go to his graveyard with bouquets and stand quietly there for few minutes. They will make sure that all the media coverage is on the spot covering this.

Schools and other government offices are leave today. It is like a sleeping day for every citizen today. Gandhi wanted every citizen to wake up and work for the country, we declare holiday on his birthday. Hail Gandhi ji. Hail India.