10:31 PM

Seasonal business and seasons...

We do have many businesses that exist all the 365 days in our life. But there are some businesses which fetch us money only during some selected seasons. They are called as seasonal business and it is there in every part of the world since seasons come in seasons for all the countries.
For example, ice creams and cold drinks will have good business during winter... sorry summer seasons. Likewise, sweaters, blankets will gets sold during winter seasons. We can go for many other examples like rain coats, umbrellas etc, even kids can tell the season of sale for these things.
If we have thorough grasping power and understanding about the environment, we can make money through everything we see, hear, listen, speak and do. All we have to have is to have eager to earn and working hard to get opportunities. Once we get into the right path... what else? Fly high as a rocket.