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James Fenimore Cooper was the second American to make a success of a writing career. He followed Washington Irving to Europe in order to establish the English and Continental rights to his novels and to give his daughters the advantages of European schooling.

In his early novels, Cooper reveals an enthusiasm for the outdoors, dangerous action, and a consuming zeal for what he termed “American ideas.” With the even greater success of The Last of the Mohicans (1826), perhaps the best and certainly the most widely popular of his Native American tales, his avocation as a novelist became his profession.

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This exile opened for Victor Hugo a second career as a poet. He wrote Chastisements (1852), a political satire; Contemplations (1856); the mighty Legend of the Centuries (1859-1883); a vast collection of epic myths and episodes, with its weird and powerful prelude; The End of Satan (1886) and its philosophical conclusion God (1891). God’s range, power, and it are in sharp contrast to Hugo’s airy songs of Streets and Woods (1865). In the novel Les Miserables (1862) Hugo painted a great historical fresco and a powerful sermon, in the framework of a popular romance. Toilers of the Sea (1866), with fine descriptions and a symbol of evil (the octopus), is like Herman Melville’s Moby Dick. The Man Who Laughs, in which his riotous fantasy reached the limits of the baroque and even of the grotesque, is also notable.