2:11 AM


This is one of the terms which gets placed in the first pages of news papers quite often. The communist people are against this and the non-communists are confused about it. The "Politicians" make their job to their level best to confuse people and use the privatization to fill their pockets.
Privatization has to be done in a country. But it is not encouraged in all the departments. All kinds of service oriented fields have to be privatized. When Government alone sits in a departments and having a monopoly in it, the people had to accept since they have no other options. This makes the government people (who are actually servants of the public) to get head weight and so they disobey and disrespect the people.
When privatization enters the service area, many private companies will start the service and so competition increases. When competition increases, service providers do their level best to pull people towards them. As a result, the customers will be valued and given respect. The world knows about the efficiency and fame of Japan railways. Want to know a tit bit? The Japan railways are a privatized sector.