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admission statement for my brother...

Hi everybody. Good morning to you all. I am writing this post with fresh mind as I have got a solution for one of the troubles that annoys me over a week. My brother has just finished his schooling and would like to join the best and reputed law school. But he does not know how to make the admission statement and asked my help in doing so. Even I too do not have much knowledge in it but I am the complete explorer of the internet, so I searched the net for sample admission statements. Thank god, I have got what I needed through.They first briefed the importance of the personal statement in getting the admissions and further on searching their site, I have found number of personal statements. Their statements are like the fresh baked cookies, so short and crispy. After reading those personal statements, no one could deny the admission. They not only provide you with the personal statements but also improve your writing skills through analysis and critics section. If you too are searching for the best personal statements you can visit this site and get one for college/law school/ business school/ graduate school and finally the medical school.