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During these same years, he also wrote a number of separately published tales, satires, and Christmas stories, of which the most famous is The Rose and the Ring (1855).

In 1851, Thackeray delivered lectures on The English Humorist of the Eighteenth Century, which he repeated in the United States between November 1851 and April 1852. His tour was a great success. Socially, it won him a host of new friends, financially, it partly allayed his fear that he might leave his daughters in poverty. A second lecture series, on The Four Georges, was also given in America between November 1855 and April 1856. In 1860 Thackeray became editor of Cornhill Magazine, to which he contributed Lovel the Widower and The Roundabout Papers.

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The macabre and troubled genius who invented the horror genre in fiction, Edgar Allan Poe was born in Boston, the second son of Elizebeth Arnold, an English actress, and David Poe, a Baltimore law student who turned to acting and disappeared in 1810. Edgar was taken into the home of John and Frances Keeling Allan, a childless couple, by whom he was treated as a son, although he was never formally adopted. The tension between him and John Allan culminated in a violent quarrel, and in 1827, Poe left”home” and the next month turned up in Boston.
Poe’s writing career can be said to have begun in earnest only after his expulsion from west point in 1831.