8:27 AM

Veg Vs Non-Veg

There are few people in the world who say that they are vegetarians. Few people among vegetarian looks at Non-veg as if Non vegetarians are the sinners of the world, since they kill an animal for food.
The Modern science says that even plants has life, pain etc., when we drink water, millions of bacteria get killed since water is their residence. We "eat" bacteria and "kill" them. Almost 90% of vegetarian drink milk. Even in milk there are millions of bacteria that get killed while drinking and more than that, Cow's milk is the food for its Infant. We restrict the right of food to that innocent baby cow.
There are few "V" people who are not able to control their taste buds and started eating Eggs. Eggs were called as non-veg item till least decade and now these so called "Vegetarians" Dulled egg into veg list. I've asked one of my class mates who is in the crowd of "Veg" but eats eggs about this issue. He said, there are two types of veg in the world. One is Lacto vegetarian, who drinks milk alone and the other one is ova-vegetarian who eats egg & milk.