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It is the important organ in our body that makes every other organ in our body to work. This information is known to everyone. In this article I would like to share some unimaginable and unbelievable facts about the brain, till what I have known. Well, have you ever imagined the length of the neurons, that makes our brain work? When you stretch the neurons of the human brain, you can revolve the earth twice.
A small nut like thing in the brain is responsible for balancing the whole body of a man. These are all the unrealizable wonders of the Almighty God.
Now the scientists have found the new fact about the human brain. The activities of the brain will get slows down after the age of 40. The reason behind this change is that the fatty skin coating of the neuron will starts it removal. As this fatty skin acts as the stimulators for the neuron, naturally its loss will reduces the ability of the brain.