12:27 AM

When I was in fifth grade

It happened when I was in my fifth grade. And it was during the fall, and during a 10 am, and a Sunday too. My brother was watching some weird video in his personal computer. For me it was weird, for him... I don’t know, he was curiously watching it. AS far as i remember, the video was about three people, who were in a pool board. Everyone had a pool stick with their hands. I forgot to tell one. There were two guys and a girl. The girl had one stick. The guys had two. One in hand and the other... they had.

They were not concentrating on their game, i remember. At first, they chatted for a while. The guys were very eager in doing "something". During the age of reading comics, watching cartoons, coloring, and cycling, I was not able to recognize what the "something" means. But in this "orkut during midnight" age, some how I can able to draw a picture of what the "some thing" means.

Forget my illiteracy that day and forget my brother’s eagerness. If my younger brother (who is in grade four) would see me with the same situation, he might tell his friends, "My bro bugger was watching porn movie last night"... Time changes...