1:16 PM

Tips to increase the PC speed.

Almost every one has a PC for us. Inspire of the high configuration, our PC slows down sometimes. This will make us more frustrating to continue our work. So as per my knowledge here you get some tips to overcome this problem.
The main reason for this issue is the viruses. So we should have the best Anti-virus software to be installed in our system. Installing the software is not enough and so we have to update the software regularly. This prevents the viruses from entering our system.
The system also slows down due to program crashes as a result leaving the error in the hard disks. To fix up these errors first click the properties of the hard drive that is affected. Then in the tools tab select the “check now” option. This will fix up all the errors in the hard drive.
Deleting the temporary files regularly, performing the disk clean up once in two weeks are the other ways to increase your system speed. Hope you all are benefited by this post.