10:03 AM

Another legend also thinks of quitting

In one of my previous posts I have talked about the retirement of Sourav Ganguly, former Indian captain. Now another senior player too is likely too join him. He is none other than the present Indian captain, Anil kumble. To a private magazine he has said that this Australian series would be the last chance for him to beat them. Even though he didn’t announce the exit officially we can come to the conclusion that he has started to think about the retirement.
This veteran player has many records added to his name. He is the only Indian bowler to get 600 wickets in test cricket. In his captaincy he made India to be the second best nation to play test cricket. Now he is in the plan to beat world champions of test cricket. I hope he will succeed in his mission.
So if he announces retirement now he will be leaving his passion with a great honor. And he deserves it too. As far as nothing has been finalized I wish him to play more cricket for the nation. Cheers.