1:13 PM

Hard work vs smart work

It was during campus placements period I guess. We were put into a deep pressure that we have to get placed in some very good IT company and dedicate our life to that company.
Different people came from different company and blew their own trumpet in a louder way in our 1.5 billion value auditorium. I have gained only a single useful information from their presentations.

One of the HR manager from some company said that they need smart workers and not hard workers. The sentence stimulated my thoughts and filled my mind. I started thinking about hard working and smart working.

Both hard working and smart working leads to success. But the way they get the victory is what makes the difference. A machine can do hard work, a buffalo can do hard work and a man can too do hard work. The difference is that he/she can do smart work also which is not possible for the former mentioned things.

If a man do hard work alone, there is no difference between him/her and the buffalo or machine. In simple words, hard work can make a house, but smart work can make a home.