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There is a saying in English that "Time and tide wait for none". In philosophical way, this proverb could be accepted. But when we use Einstein’s spectacles to view this proverb, this statement has to be changed a bit. In this consumer’s world, we can change it like "Time and tide wait for none*, (* conditions apply)".

According to theory of relativity, which was proposed by Einstein, time can be brought to zero also. But the point is that, we have to travel at the speed of light. If our speed goes higher than light's speed, the time can go back in fact.

The proverb's contextual meaning is that we have to work. Time won't wait till we finish our works. It keeps running. When we apply theory of relativity to this philosophy, time can wait for those who work like anything. I think time wants to give a sign of respect to the hard workers. That’s why it happens like this.

Long live those hard workers.


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