6:59 AM

don't charge your mobile for hours.

Hello guys. We all own a mobile phone. Most of us have the high technology mobiles and still we don’t care much for our phones. The common careless mistake done by us occurs in the case of charging. Sometimes we keep the mobiles to charge and will forget that. So it will be charging for hours. We take that too lightly as we are thinking that it is not a problem. We are unaware of the fact that charging the mobile for a long time doesn’t cause the immediate effect, but when this continues will take our mobile to the dust bin. As a result of charging for hours the mobile and the battery gets heated inside and may cause some internal parts to get burnt. The same problem has occurred to me and so I am writing this post as my experience. So don’t let your phone charge for hours.


KANAU said...

great buzz!

i should be careful by now...i sometimes tend to do this too :-(