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• JPasswordField (a direct subclass of JTextField) you can suppress the display of input. Each character entered can be replaced by an echo character.
• JTextArea allows editing of multiple lines of text. JTextArea can be used in conjunction with class JScrollPane to achieve scrolling. The underlying JScrollPane can be forced to always or never have either the vertical or horizontal scrollbar; JButton is a component the user clicks to trigger a specific action.
• JRadioButton is similar to JCheckbox, except for the default icon for each class. A set of radio buttons can be associated as a group in which only one button at a time can be selected.
• JCheckBox is not a member of a checkbox group. A checkbox can be selected and deselected, and it also displays its current state.
• JComboBox is like a drop down box. You can click a drop-down arrow and select an option from a list. For example, when the component has focus, pressing a key that corresponds to the first character in some entry's name selects that entry. A vertical scrollbar is used for longer lists.