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Black berry bold

Hello every body. Nowadays iphone is becoming very much popular among the public. It has entered the Indian market recently. Black berry bold is the latest version of the iphone which is the product of RIM. It has very fast internet access which allows the users to carry their internet business anywhere. Its GPS and maps service helps the user to locate where he/she is and it also assist the user to find a unknown location. Besides these special features it also has the features like hearing songs, capturing videos using the camera available and a lot more functionalities. Its power is amazing as it lasts for five hours of talk time. The advance technology over the previous versions is that it supports Wi-Fi technology. Hope it would be the phone of future generation.


faye said...

i wish i could have 1.
but how,,too expensive lol

fommyindia said...

Personalize and protect your BlackBerry bold device with BlackBerry Skins Case. The rubberized exterior provides you with a sure grip, protecting all corners and sides of your smartphone against bumps and scratches. This feature easy-access openings for camera, audio input and output ports, mini-USB port, programmable convenience keys and stereo jack. Plus, the keyboard and screen remain uncovered, so you can type and place calls as efficiently as ever.