8:53 PM

Microsoft’s beautiful creation

Microsoft is the company which had made a remarkable change in the field of computers. In the olden days with the DOS operating system being used in PC only the experts can operate the computers. It is very difficult for the normal users to use the computers as it was a command based operating system. They have to remember the commands even to perform a small operation. It is Microsoft who changed the scenario. By their invention of their GUI based OS the computer becomes user friendly. Even the laymen can easily operate the system. With this they haven’t stopped. Here comes another useful invention for the people. It’s the notepad PC. As it is a portable and a very compact one, the users can take it to their workplaces and other places and get their work done.

This notepad has 1.5 GHz Intel processor, 512 Mb ram and the memory capacity of 30 GB. The cost of this notepad is around 2000 us dollars. And still their work continues.