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u torrent

This is torrent software with which you can download any torrent files. There are also some other torrent software available in the market but the advantages of this u torrent over the others are its speed and less memory needed. The size required on the disk to run this software is not even 1 MB. So that the system also does not get slows down. I will use this software mostly to download films and sometimes for downloading the software too. You can also resume the download at any time if the download has been interrupted accidentally.
You can also pause the download when you have to do some important work. In order the download has to be faster you have to download the torrent files with more number of seeders.
Seeders are those who are donating the files for you. It is Similar like file sharing between the users. Don’t be afraid. Only the torrent files will be shared and your important data will be safer always.


idealpinkrose said...

sounds good but i can't download anything on my pc..i'm just afraid that i will break it again..hehehe...

btw, thanks for visiting my food blog.

have a nice weekend!

Borneo Falcon said...

I using u torrent for 2 years now. No problem. Satisfied

harry said...

wow...what logo is?....torrent?, wah susah bener kalo donlot dari torrent...ada yang tahu cara mudahnya, soalnya lama banget downloadnya