11:43 AM

Osho... **sho**

Osho; this is one of the famous words of the world. Osho was a guy who was born in some remote corner in India. He had his own ideology which attracted many people towards him. There are many reasons for this attraction. I would like to quote a few of his thoughts and concepts.

He said, a son can have possessiveness and more than that a sexual feeling with his own mother. Like wise, a mother can also have one with her very own son. This suits for dad to his daughter and daughter to her dad. These words have become golden words for all the perverts, milfhunters and ______ all over the world. This is one of the prime reasons for the attraction.

There are lots more bull shits are there. The extreme is that, he proclaimed himself as God. Height of stupidity and crap. He had diabetes; he was not given visa for many countries. He born; he died. How will God can die? I would like to get answers from the **sho** (osho I mean, nothing else) followers to answer this.