4:44 PM

cool tree

Here only my college students spend their class hours when they have bunked the class. No student in my college has missed the joy of sitting under this tree. This tree is situated opposite to our college canteen. The gentle breeze in the afternoon is a gift of the nature. I have spent many of my class hours with my friends under this tree. Especially after finishing the exams every student will come here and just chat for sometime. Can never forget those day.


idealpinkrose said...

it looks very peaceful.

btw, thanks for visiting korean food!

joytoy said...

Hi visiting u too. Can you look your cbox. I think somethings wrong i cant message you.

Gilbert/ Cely said...

This picture reminds me of my not-so-distant past. Our university has trees in the surroundings where we used to hang around during our free time. Nice and cool!

intan zura said...

nice view,
loks very peaceful
but im sure its a bit scary at nite