4:44 PM

cool tree

Here only my college students spend their class hours when they have bunked the class. No student in my college has missed the joy of sitting under this tree. This tree is situated opposite to our college canteen. The gentle breeze in the afternoon is a gift of the nature. I have spent many of my class hours with my friends under this tree. Especially after finishing the exams every student will come here and just chat for sometime. Can never forget those day.

12:35 PM

orion 08

This is my college auditorium and we are sitting here for our last cultural in my college life. Of course this is only the last official enjoyment in my college life. That was a fabulous day and in the afternoon we didn’t even get the chair to sit. So we all sat in the ground floor to watch the cultural. Another memorable thing in this cultural is that we all wore the black kurtha to stand different among the crowd. I will share that experience with you in my later posts.

9:11 AM

download indian movies and music....

Now I am going to tell you the few popular sites where you can download all Indian movies and music at a very good quality. They can be downloaded very faster too. I came to know these sites from my friend and now I am the regular user of these sites. Apart from these stuffs you can also download some English movies as well and also some other funny videos. All that you have to do is to register there to use these sites. Registration is also free only. The sites for movies are





and for music



1:49 PM

childhood memories

I will never forget this place in my life because this is the place where we have played the street cricket. While playing we have got scolding from many people. Still we friends meet here in the early morning itself and play till the night. Lunch and breakfast are the only time we will be in the home. But now I can’t play anymore. I have those memories in my mind forever.

1:36 PM

dream car

All might have known this car and it needs no introduction. Moreover I am not going to tell the technical facts about the car. I just want to tell my passion towards this car. I like this car very much from the first time I traveled in it. Even though it can accommodate the whole family it doesn’t looks like a huge one. There are other cars of the same category which looks like a mini tempo. Its style makes it unique among other cars. I wish to own this car in the future.

10:37 AM

guess what??

This is an electric bike that I saw recently in Chennai. And there are very few bikes only have been introduced. The advantage of this bike over the normal bike is that it runs 50 kilometers for just 5 rupees of cost. As this bike runs on batteries the disadvantage is that it can run only that much distance in a day. By preferring this bike for a shorter distances we can save the environment from being polluted. I hope that in the future these disadvantages will be rectified and we get a electric bike that replaces the normal bike.